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Then came John....

Melissa started dating John M. and it became pretty serious. Melissa called me to say she and John had sex and she was only 16! Now remember - I am 2 years older than her and I literally told her - I am older and supposed to do everything first! (disclaimer - Melissa tried many drugs in college and I am still drug I then called my boyfriend at the time and told him that we had to have sex because Melissa and John did...(ugh). I was leaving to go to college in NM soon - so off Joe and I went to the local Red Roof Inn in Mattydale, NY.

Fast forward 2 years and I was already at Melissa's beck and call (although I did not see it that way back then). John had cheated on Melissa while she was away at college and got a girl pregnant- Melissa called me - devastated and asked me to come see her 2 1/2 hours away in Buffalo. NY. My former husband (we were just living together back then) Rob and I drove to Buffalo but by them time we got there, Melissa apparently decided that she would just get John back - by dating and sleeping with any guy who showed an interest.


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