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Dr. Melissa Weinstein addiction


Weinstein VS. Patch

You don't want to miss this EPIC case/story!

Dr. Melissa Weinstein
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This page was started as a way to expose the actually events that occurred during and after the 37 year friendship I had with Melissa Weinstein.  After I am done exposing all of her illegal and unethical behavior - Melissa will be very lucky to keep herself from being held accountable through the justice system. I do not need her to go to jail but would like her to get counseling and reverse what she did to her oldest child.

The legal side of the story is on our Facebook page where it could get the maximum exposure. I felt that since, in 2019 , Melissa used Facebook to try to intimidate, harass and embarrass me (and was unsuccessful)  that it was justified. Go ahead - check it out!

"If I cut you from my life~ chances are you handed me the scissors"

**Thank You to my Sister Terri for this!

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Dr Melissa Weinstein

My name is Tina and I had to start this journey to try to shed the negativity that Melissa Weinstein tried to impose on me for 2 years (and counting). It is cathartic, justifiable and necessary. Melissa needs to be held accountable for all that she did to me, my family and my friends. The short story is that Melissa tried to discredit me with malicious lies and prosecution after a business dispute and my discovery of Melissa using my name and insurance to call in 7 prescriptions for narcotics. I assume - after many horrible conversations between us -that Melissa was afraid I would report all of the illegal and unethical activity Melissa and her practice partner, Pat Robinson, were involved in. Therefor - they colluded to concoct a unbelievable story that I embezzled from them -when in fact- it was Pat Robinson that embezzled over 400K from Melissa. Full story on our Facebook page.


I decided that I will let KARMA deal with Melissa & Pat. I was never one to harvest negativity- as I do best with positive energy in my life. Therefore- as I add a post here and there about the ongoing legal situation between Melissa/Pat & I - I will also be adding uplifting stories and interesting subjects on my new podcast called "LIFE IN STORIES"

Stay tuned....

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